to my white boy princess - alice longyu gao

ok so like- it reminds me of my ex?? again??? but in like a haha funny way not in a crying my eyes out in the tub way. like its so funny this is lowkey how i acted with him and he ate that shit UP (never date white ppl)

memento mori - lamb of god

yea idk ill probably regret putting this here but yea.

update two months later uh i actually used to headbang to this song w my metalhead uncle the more u know !!!

hi it's me - ashnikko

i got out of a toxic relationship around a while ago??? and im still uh, not over it lol. yknow i should be glad i got out of it, and i am, but when fuckface and i first broke up i had absolutely no idea it was toxic until 3 weeks after when i was thinking about it every night, and i wasn't completely sure until my therapist told me it was. but yea.

your best american girl - mitski

the asian american girl anthem on tiktok rn. but it's for a good reason. when you're a child of immigrants living in the modern western world, there's always this disconnect between different parts of yourself. parts you rejected, parts you're concious of, parts your parents never taught you, parts the western world doesnt want you to have. there comes a time in your life where you realize you're not the same kind of american as the white american. where you realize that some people will never understand what its like.

can you really blame me for how i react - quinn

yea broody teen girl shit

ok yea fav songs heres the thing to go back. (im kinda trauma dumping in this)

last updated 5/4/2022